Frequently Asked Questions

I just want to try the sport to see if I like it?

Contact and proceed to your nearest club on a weekend – You can hire the club gun and get some coaching. Proof of proof of identity Required to sign in. (drivers licence, passport etc).

Is Clay Target Shooting a safe sport?

Yes. Clay Target Shooting is very safe indeed. Safety rules are rigidly applied.

Is it well regulated and controlled?

Yes. Clay Target Shooting is regulated by a national body and controlled by States, Zones and individual Clubs.

How many disciplines can I shoot?

Shot under the inernational body FITASC Qld Sporting clays offer the following disciplines Spoting clays, Compak, and English Sporting.

What handicap or grade am I?

You will be handicapped and graded according to your ability. Grades are AA, A, B & C..

Is coaching available?

Yes. Coaching is available and also instruction on gun safety and handling. A small fee is charged to cover ammuntion and insurance.

What sort of equipment do I need?

None at first. When you feel confident enough to make and informed purchase then you will require a Shotgun, glasses, ear protection and either a jacket or shell holster.

Can I purchase Ammunition at the club?

Ammunition is available from the Club

What sort of Firearms Licence do I need?

Category “A” firearms is all that is necessary. Weapons Information can be found at

Is there a dress code for Clay Target Shooting?

You will require closed shoes, joggers or boots. (no thongs) casual dress and no camouflaged apparel of any kind.

What facilities can I expect to find at a Club?

All Clubs provide basic facilities and various forms of refreshment and food facilities.

Will I be able to join members going to other Clubs?

Most definitely. This is one of the most rewarding parts of our sport. The friendship and social interaction on these occasions is one of the sport’s major highlights.

What is the highest level I could achieve?

Many have reached World standard and have won Gold, Silver, and/or Bronze. Others have become Zone, State, or National champions.

Am I covered by Insurance?

There is a basic Insurance Cover against injury whilst on the grounds.

Can I shoot wildlife at the Club?

Absolutely not! It is an offence to shoot at any wildlife on our grounds. Transgression of that rule carries a penalty of instant dismissal.